Trinity考試課程 - Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Trinity Guildhall offers examinations in Communication Skills for candidates of all ages at all levels; for individuals from grades Initial (pre-foundation) to 8, and for groups from Grades 1–8. Trinity Guildhall also offers a Professional Certificate in Communication Skills which is taken by adults.

This syllabus is suitable for children and adults, and has proved a popular resource for specialist communication teachers and tutors who have successfully used it to increase confidence and skill in all modes of speech communication, whether for social, professional, or public situations.

At its higher levels, these assessments have proved a valuable addition to preparation for a range of professions such as the law, medicine, business, religion, and teaching.

 考試分三部分,內容包括自我介紹、實物討論(show & tell)以及故事演說或選擇有關

學費    :$3,000 / 12堂



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